Dr. Ruan oversees a number of critical areas for PrimeMyBody including product safety, evidence-based product testing and validation, as well as quality assurance. A primary objective for Dr. Ruan is the administration and monitoring of clinical trials and studies of present and future PrimeMyBody products. Most notably, Dr. Ruan’s clinical trial initiatives will streamline the scientific and medical validation of PrimeMyBody’s RECEPT broad spectrum hemp extract.

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  • Runs the 2ND largest Integrative Medicine clinic in the US that takes insurance – second only to the Cleveland Clinic
  • Doctor of Medicine from Ross University School of Medicine
  • Recipient of the Joe Dwek Award for Teacher of the Year as the Chief Resident at New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City
  • Author of the Ultimate Guide For Type Two Diabetes Reversal
  • BA Texas A&M University at College Station

Dr. Ruan is the Founder and Chief Physician of the Houston-based Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine—the second largest Integrative Medicine clinic in the U.S. that accepts insurance.

Specializing in Integrative Medicine, he takes a whole-body approach to health, healing, and wellness. Coming from a medical family background, Dr. Ruan is a professional hybrid of his mother’s eastern medicine practice and his father’s western medical conventions. Rather than viewing those practices as opposing, he regards both as correlative to one another, blending each into his healing outlook and professional practice. As a long-standing proponent of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Ruan believes the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and environmental factors must be taken into consideration when addressing individual health and wellness.